$40 dollar waist up image I will be using to study various things like B&W shading, color theory, palettes, perspective, etc. It will be RANDOM but will include either B&W shading or color. Can be anthro or human.

Will Do: Humans, anthro, feral, monsters, mild-mecha(ask), blood, demons, environments, sexy, nude, homosexual.
Won’t Do: Fanart of copyrighted characters, sex, fetish art, controversial topics I’m uncomfortable with(ask).
More information HERE!
Send me an ask or contact me via DA or FA(I check DA more often than FA).
Watching some Orange is the New Black so… doodled Lani in uniform. muahaha.
Quickie sketch of Vitale and his lil babs Rosalia and Stephano.
smutty doodle. Lani has a collection of spongebob boxers ok
1 of 4 full-body cell-CG commissions for KodakSmile on DA. :) Commissions are always open.
Razor and Zar. Qucik doodles.
OC Ian.
Matthias in boxers. ;D